Insider Suggestions For The Ideal Patio Cleaning Schedule

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Here at Elite Clean, we offer a huge range of professional cleaning services, including patio cleaning. If you’re fortunate enough to have one of these awesome outdoor areas, you might wonder how often to schedule professional cleaning services and how often to do light cleaning on your own. We wanted to share some suggestions for keeping your patio well-maintained, helping preserve its longevity and ensure it’s pleasant to use whenever the mood strikes you.

Insider Suggestions For The Ideal Patio Cleaning Schedule

Finding Your Best Schedule

The frequency of patio cleaning will depend on the type of material your patio is made from, as well as the level of exposure it has. Stone and concrete patios tend to be more durable, whereas wood might need more attention. If your patio is in an area that is heavily shaded, you may experience more trouble with mold, algae, and moss, while constant sun can leave it more vulnerable to weathering. Our team can assess your patio and help you determine the best schedule for professional cleanings.

Generally Suggested Schedule

  • Spring is a great time to schedule a professional patio cleaning service. We can deep-clean the patio, inspect it for damage, and prepare it for you to enjoy the upcoming nice weather.
  • Summer is often when your patio sees the most use, so sweep it regularly to clear away dirt and debris. If spills occur, mop or wipe them up promptly. If you didn’t get a professional patio cleaning service in the spring, summer is still a good time to schedule one.
  • Fall brings lots of debris like leaves, twigs, and tree sap that can stain your patio and leave it looking grungy. You can sweep or use a leaf blower to clear them away, but if you forget and are left with stains or organic growth, call us for another deep clean before winter.
  • Winter is usually pretty low-maintenance for patio cleaning. Clear away snow and ice as needed to prevent moisture damage and cracking. Be prepared to schedule a spring patio cleaning to remove any treatments like salt that you may put down to help manage snow and ice.
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