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Our unique carpet cleaning method uses the right mix of equipment and detergents to make your carpets and rugs as clean as the day you bought them. Our commercial-grade steam cleaners take hot water mixed with our special cleaning solution to deep clean. Then, extract the hot water, dirt, pet stains, allergens and odors from the carpet fibers. Leaving you with a beautiful and clean carpet.

This hot-water extraction process successfully draws over 95% of the moisture from your carpet. That means not only is your carpet clean, but the backing is dry and, with simple carpet care it will last a lifetime.

The cleaning supplies we use are tested and proven safe for pets and children. We never use any harsh chemicals. No matter what, the health and well-being of your family is our top priority.
Thank you to Chris and his team for cleaning our carpets again! It’s always nice to have a nice and clean carpet. They’re great people and very professional. Highly recommend their services. We will see you guys and a few months!
Maria Maturino

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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

We use a hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning. It’s the most recommended method used by carpet cleaners. It removes deep-set stains and dirt safely from your rug or carpet.

Hot water mixed with our cleaning solution is pushed deep into the fibers of your carpet, then extracted using suction to pull the dirt, pet hair, allgens, and about 95% of the moisture away.

It’s recommended you vacuum your carpet before your appointment, but this is not a requirement. Our crew may pre-vacuum certain areas if required.

Most rooms or areas averaging 300 sq ft take about 20 minutes. This time will vary based on how much furniture needs to be moved and whether any spot treatment is recommended first.

We typically do not move any heavy furniture due to liability reasons. We ask that you move any smaller items such as electronics, lamps, plants, and decorative items prior to your appointment.

Most rooms will take between 4-8 hours to dry completely depending on your carpet type. Humidity, temperature, and air flow to the area will all affect drying time. During this time, be sure to leave any protective blocks or paper used to prevent your furniture from coming into contact with your carpet. This will prevent color transfer.

You can walk on your carpet before it dries, but be careful! Shoes worn outside can resoil your carpet. To accelerate drying time, we recommend using fans or turning on your home’s central heat or AC.

We do our best to get your carpet completely clean with one visit, deep-set substances may wick to the surface of your carpet after a cleaning. If you notice this happening, contact us! We’ll return as soon as possible to fix the issue.

You can walk on your carpet before it dries, but be careful! Shoes worn outside can resoil your carpet. To accelerate drying time, we recommend using fans or turning on your home’s central heat or AC.

Unfortunately, some substances will permanently stain the fibers of your carpet, so we cannot guarantee every spot or stain will be removed. The age and type of carpet you have also affect the outcome of your cleaning service.

Honesty is important to us. We will always do our best to determine whether or not a stain or spot can be cleaned completely before we get started.

If your carpet is infested with fleas, we recommend killing the adult fleas first using your preferred method. Carpet cleaning can remove flea eggs, but keep in mind that fleas lay eggs in pet beds, upholstery, and other areas of your home. Consider having your upholstery cleaned at the same time as your carpet cleaning service.

Yes! All of our cleaning products are pet and kid friendly.