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Roof Cleaning Services Winston-Salem

Do you have any of the following on your roof?

  • Dark streaks or spots
  • Moss, lichens, or other plant growth
  • Warped, curled shingles
  • Discoloration

You probably have at least one of these issues, particularly dark streaks due to algae. Algae growth is particularly common in humid areas like Winston-Salem. If you have one of these problems, it’s time for roof cleaning services from the experts.

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Is a dirty roof dangerous or just ugly?

Both. Sorry, but there’s no way around it — the dark streaks and plant life growing on your roof aren’t doing your curb appeal any favors, and the minor issues could quickly become more than cosmetic. Left unattended, even common algae spots can lead to more serious homeowner problems like mold growth and roof deterioration.

Home Maintenance

How do you get rid of dirty streaks and prevent them from causing damage?

While there are a few DIY tricks for slowing the growth of algae on your roof, the only way to completely (and safely) remove dirt and algae from your shingles is by having them professionally cleaned. Quick-fix chemical cleaners and power washing can cause even more damage to your shingles than the wear and tear of a dirty roof, so it’s vital to hire a team of professionals who know how to be hard on grime and easy on your roof.

Pro tip:

Some professional roof cleaners will advise you to pay for services every year, but Elite Clean guarantees our low pressure, environmentally-friendly cleaning system will keep black streaks at bay for at least 3 years after we clean your roof. If you notice algae growth before your three year roof cleaning anniversary, we’ll come back and clean it for free.

Ready to clean up your roof?

Check out Winston-Salem’s own Elite Clean professional roof cleaners for a quote today.

What are the perks of professional roof cleaning in Winston-Salem?

Stop Algae Growth
  • Did your shingles come with a warranty? Having the roof professionally cleaned as recommended in the warranty will help prevent expensive surprises down the road.
  • It’s cheaper than having to replace your roof
  • Gentle cleaning extends the lifetime of your roof. Just like healthy lifestyle choices help you feel better longer and save money on medical bills, preventative maintenance and cleaning will help your roof last longer and save you money on repairs and replacement.
  • Clean up your curb appeal. Help keep Winston-Salem beautiful! Having your shingles properly cleaned will boost the look of your home and your neighborhood. Don’t be the neighbor that ruins the view for everyone else!

Routine, proper roof cleaning helps save you money on expensive repairs and replacement on your Winston-Salem home by preventing:

Here’s the good news: Professional roof cleaning in Winston-Salem is more budget friendly than paying for repairs down the road, and it’s by far cheaper than having to replace your roof.

Boost your curb appeal and protect your investment by scheduling an appointment today!

Elite Clean removes dirt, debris, algae, lichens, and mildew without using harsh chemicals or high pressure systems that ruin your shingles and jeopardize the integrity of your roof. We also use a green, eco-friendly washing solution that’s kind to the environment (including your garden and lawn).