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Roof Cleaning Lewisville

Do you have a dirty roof in Lewisville, NC?

The following symptoms are common in Lewisville’s humid climate:

  • Dark green, brown, or black algae streaks
  • Moss, lichen, and plant growth
  • Misshapen or missing shingles

Is my dirty roof harmful or just unsightly?

Both! Between extreme temperatures, constant exposure to the elements, and plant and debris build-up, a dirty roof is more than just a curb appeal issue. It’s time for affordable roof cleaning in Lewisville.

On top making you THAT neighbor (you know, the one guilty of ruining the neighborhood’s curb appeal), if not properly cared for, a dirty roof:

Lowers your Property Value
Damages your Roof
Raises your Utility Bills
Shortens the Lifespan of your Roof

Home Maintenance

How can I get rid of dirt, debris, and plant matter and prevent them from causing damage to my home?

While there are a few DIY tricks for slowing the growth of algae on your roof, the only way to thoroughly  (and safely) remove debris from your shingles is to have them professionally cleaned.

Can I clean my roof myself without hiring a professional?

Quick-fix chemical cleaners and power washing can cause even more damage to your shingles than the wear and tear of a dirty roof, so it’s vital to hire a team of professionals who know how to eliminate grime while being gentle on your roof.
Pro tip: Hiring professional cleaners guarantees you’re compliant with the terms of your roof’s warranty and protects your bank account from expensive, unpleasant surprises down the road.

Professional cleaning is more affordable than paying for repairs down the road, and it’s undoubtedly more budget friendly than replacing your roof, which could come with a hefty price tag between $6,000-$16,000.

How often should I have my roof cleaned in Lewisville?

Stop Algae Growth
Climate, weather, and location of a house can affect how often you should invest in a cleaning.

Some professional roof cleaners in the Lewisville, NC area will advise you to pay for services every year, but Elite Clean guarantees our low pressure, environmentally-friendly cleaning system will prevent black streaks from returning for at least 3 years after we clean your roof.

Get a deal on your roof cleaning by mentioning our current specials when you get a quote from Elite Clean.

If you notice algae growth before your three year roof cleaning anniversary, we’ll come back and clean it on the house (see what we did there?).