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Asphalt shingles are eaten away by roof algae, moss, and mold and roof replacement will cost thousands of dollars. There’s a better way.

Have you noticed any of the following on your roof?

  • Dirty streaks or spots
  • Moss, lichens, or other green life growing on the shingles
  • Lifted, peeling shingles
  • Discoloration

These are all common problems for many homeowners, particularly in the Greensboro, NC area where the humid weather and ample tree coverage contribute to debris build up and algae, moss, and lichen growth. Profesional roof cleaning can get ride of any issuses.

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Is a dirty roof harmful or is it just ruining your curb appeal?

Both. Sorry, but the grimey build up on your roof isn’t just a cosmetic issue. If not gently and properly removed, common algae growth can lead to broken shingles, mildew, and even mold problems.

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How do you remove stains and debris without ruining your roof?

While there are a few DIY tricks for slowing the growth of algae, you have to remove what’s already there for prevention to be effective. The only way to safely eradicate debris and algae from your shingles is by having them professionally cleaned. Store-bought chemical cleaners and power washing can cause just as much damage to your roof as uninhibited algae growth. Hire a team of professionals who know how to be tough on grime and gentle on your roof.

Pro tip:

Some businesses will advise you to pay for services every year, but Elite Clean guarantees our gentler, smarter, kinder-to-the-environment cleaning system will keep black streaks away for at least 3 years after we clean your roof. If you notice algae growth before then, we’ll come back and clean it for free.

Professional cleaning is more affordable than paying for repairs down the road, and it’s undoubtedly more budget friendly than replacing your roof.

Are there other perks to having your roof professionally cleaned?

Other than protecting your initial investment and saving money on not having to buy a new roof, professional roof cleaning has a few benefits.

  • Is your roof warrantied? Scheduling professional roof cleanings as recommended in the warranty will ensure you don’t violate the terms of your warranty and encounter pricey surprises down the road.
  • Preventative maintenance like professional cleaning will help you get the most life out of your roof.
  • Don’t be THAT neighbor who ruins the block’s curb appeal. Keep your roof clean and your image pristine with professional cleaning as needed.

Professional roof cleaning saves money long-term on costly repairs and replacement by preventing:

Professional cleaning is more affordable than paying for repairs down the road, and it’s undoubtedly more budget friendly than replacing your roof.

Take care of your budget and your home by scheduling an appointment today!

Elite Clean cleans your roof without using harsh chemicals or high pressure systems that will ruin your shingles and put your roof and home at risk. Our green washing solution protects your roof, your garden, and lawn by being tough on algae and easy on the environment.