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Safe, Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

Your roof is too important (and expensive) to ignore.

But cleaning your roof can be more harmful than helpful if done improperly.

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An asphalt shingle is fairly fragile. Therefore, a pressure washer or even a garden hose can easily produce enough pressure to remove the sand granules from the surface of the shingle damaging it and making roof vulnerable to water damage and loss of insulation.

So, we use a low pressure roof cleaning treatment recommended by shingle manufacturing companies across the country. These systems, referred to as softwash systems will clean your roof better than a roof cleaning with a pressure washer loaded with some harsh roof cleaning chemical cleaning products that may do more harm than good in the long run.

The Elite Roof Cleaning Process

We have developed a process for cleaning your roof that confirms that while we effectively clean your roof we ensure that we don’t damage your roof shingles or any landscaping around your property.

First, we water down any shrubs or plants surrounding your property. Basically, this will dilute the cleaning products we use washing down your roof and prevent them from damaging your landscaping should any mist or overspray get on them.


Second, we carefully remove any debris such as leaves and branches from your roof without damaging the surface of any shingles. We do this to make sure we have a clean path for cleaner water to coat your roof.


Next, we apply water and our cleaning solution to your roof to gently and safely remove algae and other buildup from your roof. Our special cleaning solution will kill the algae and any growth on contact. Thus, producing immediate results.


Throughout your roof cleaning we have a team member spraying your plants with clean water. This ensures no chemical stays on your plants for too long.


When we’re done roof cleaning we water your plants a second time to ensure none of the chemicals remain to damage your plants.


Lastly, we’ll take a final walk around your entire property to confirm that all debris has been picked up and disposed of properly. Moreover, we’ll shake off any excess water from plants, and we have 100% complete roof stain removal.

On time. Great communication. Roof had ugly black stain and now looks new. They cleaned nearly 100 windows too. Everything was PERFECT. Will use again. Highly recommended.
AJ DiBianca

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Be proud of your (clean) home once again.

How Roofing Affects Property Value

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to selling your home. A dirty, streaky roof can be a major red flag to buyers before they even step inside. Increase your curb appeal and get the best value for your home with a clean and well-maintained roof.


Black, brown, and green algae absorbs and stores heat, forcing your HVAC system to work hard to cool your house in the summer. This means higher energy bills and more strain on your heating and air system. Make it easy for your roof shingles to do their job of reflecting and releasing extra heat by keeping your roof clean

Roof Cleaning FAQ

Those black or brown streaks may look normal, but they’re actually a type of algae that clings to and feeds off of the organic material in your roof shingles.
Algae and mold starts out as airborne spores which settle on your roof. In the right conditions, like a north-facing roof which doesn’t receive enough sunlight to dry any moisture, they grow and spread over time.
If left alone, algae and mold can weaken the shingles on your roof and cause them to fall apart. That doesn’t sound good anyway, but broken shingles can lead to leaks during rain and snow and even prevent your roof from keeping your energy bills down. The longer these growths stay on your roof, the more damage they cause and the more they cost you.
No. You should NEVER use a pressure washer to clean a tile or shingle roof! Pressure washing blasts away the granules that make up your roof, causing irreversible damage and shortening the lifespan of your entire roof. Plus, this method doesn’t kill the algae.
At Elite Clean we use a non-pressure roof cleaning method made up of a blend of specialized chemicals to safely kill and remove algae and mold without damaging your roof.
Because our methods will kill and remove the algae from your roof, we guarantee your roof will stay clean for a minimum of 3 years. If you see black streaks within 3 years of your roof cleaning service, give us a call and we’ll return to clean the affected area.
Before we get started cleaning your roof, we water down any plants or grass surrounding your house to dilute any cleaning chemicals which might come into contact with them to prevent damage. We continue to water the plants during the roof cleaning and again after so any chemicals that do runoff are not only distilled but on the plants for a limited amount of time.
Yes! In the event of an accident, we are fully insured with liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect you and our employees.
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