Quality Roof Cleaning – How Long Will the Process Take to Finish?

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Have you decided to get rid of those unsightly dark streaks on your roof? Congratulations! You’re making a smart move for your home and your wallet. On top of being more efficient and effective, professional roof cleaning can:

  • Expand the life of your roof.
  • Keep your utility bills in check.
  • Increase your property value.
  • Protect your home from moisture damage.

How long does quality roof cleaning take to finish?

Good news: not long at all! Professional roof cleaning services can typically clean the roof of a 5,000 sq ft home in less than a day. Much larger homes may require 2-3 days depending on the particular needs of your roof, but if your home is under 5,000 sq ft, you’ll have a clean roof in a matter of hours.

If that still seems like long time for washing a roof, keep these in mind:

  • Professional roof cleaning takes several hours because experienced professionals know how to be tough on things like algae buildup and debris, but gentle on your roof’s shingles.
  • Experienced pros like Elite Clean use a specialized low-pressure system to protect the integrity of your roof.
  • Quality work takes more time than typical power washing. For more on why you shouldn’t DIY your roof cleaning, check out: 3 Professional Roof Cleaning Myths That Are Costing You Money

Are there perks other than boosting my home’s curb appeal?

Absolutely! Here they are:

Extend the life of your roof.

Your roof should last around 20 years if it’s well cared for; however, harsh elements, meddlesome critters, and stubborn plant and algae growth can wreak havoc on your roof shingles and expose your home to problems with poor insulation, moisture damage, and even mold growth.Keeping your roof properly cleaned and cared for can prevent issues like algae growth and debris build up from jeopardizing the integrity of your roof over the years. This can save you the $4,000-$9,000 dollars it would cost to replace your roof, or even more depending on the size of your home and roofing materials.

Protect your property value.

When you were shopping for your own home, did you prefer well-kept homes with clean exteriors and good curb appeal, or homes with black streaks across the roof and missing shingles? Exactly.

Save on your energy bills.

Black streaks on your roof aren’t just ugly. They’re also harmful to your wallet. Dark streaks attract and trap heat in your home, making your HVAC system work overtime in the summer. If not cleaned appropriately, algae and lichen growth could cause your shingles to crack, curl, and even separate, meaning your home isn’t as well insulated in the winter.

Cleaning your roof routinely prevents issues with subpar insulation during colder seasons and unwanted heat during warmer seasons.

Prevent serious moisture damage.

Even minor leaks and moisture infiltration can quickly pose more serious threats to your household, like mold growth and rot. Eliminate the threat of moisture damage by keeping your roof clean and free of damage.

Don’t let the elements ruin your curb appeal and place your home at risk for more serious issues. For eco-friendly, gentle cleaning services from a caring, experienced team, contact Elite Clean today.