Pet-Friendly Carpet & Carpet Cleaners for a Beautiful Rug

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For animal-loving homeowners, carpet has its perks over other flooring surfaces for your four-legged friends like:

  • Safer, non-slip textures
  • Sound absorption for a quieter home
  • Increased comfort for pets with arthritis or other physical issues

Unfortunately, carpet does raise some concerns for pet owners, including:

  • Allergy and asthma irritation
  • Difficulty cleaning up pet messes
  • Smells from pet urine, fur, and general pet odor, particularly for dog owners

Enjoy your carpets and your pets.

Luckily, you can combat allergies, pet stains, and weird smells and keep your carpet looking (and smelling) fresh for years to come if you take proper care of your flooring. Enjoy the benefits of carpeted floors without the drawbacks of mixing pets and carpet by:

  • Choosing the right carpet
  • Investing in professional cleaning services
  • Routine weekly maintenance

Which is the “right” carpet type for pet owners?

If you’re in the market for new carpet, consider choosing carpet made from nylon fibers. Nylon is stain-resistant and more durable than any other carpet material. It’s also affordably priced in between more expensive wool carpets and cheaper polyester carpets. Of all the carpet materials, nylon is likely to last the longest in a household with pets.

Don’t forget to carefully consider the color of your carpet. While white carpets look beautiful when they’re first installed, they aren’t going to remain pristinely white once your fur babies break them in. That doesn’t mean you have to choose the darkest colors, but consider which colors will look nice in your home and disguise pet fur.

Pet-Friendly Carpet & Carpet Cleaners – Do I really need to hire a professional?

Yes. Here’s why.

DIY cleaning solutions can cause:

  • Discoloration or fading
  • Skin, respiratory, and allergy irritation for pets (and people!)
  • Permanent carpet damage

Professional Pet-Friendly Carpet & Carpet Cleaners can safely and effectively:

  • Remove residue and debris build-up from carpet fibers and eliminate stains, even in high-traffic areas.
  • Kill bacteria and allergens trapped in your carpet from the surface down to the padding.
  • Restore and protect your carpet by conditioning carpet fibers.

Professional cleaning is safer for your pets (and carpets) than DIY chemical cleaning. Just make sure you choose a pet-friendly company, like Elite Clean!

Elite Clean uses green-certified cleaning solutions and pet-friendly treatments to:

Sanitize and remove stubborn pet stains.

Provide the safest cleaning solutions available without sacrificing the most effective cleaning power.

Protect the environment and your household by deep cleaning without harsh irritants.

Clean carpets without leaving chemical residue behind.
To find the safest, most effective services for you and your pets, check out Elite Clean’s current specials, or call 336-745-7675 to speak with our team.

How can I keep my carpet fresh between professional cleanings?

You should have your carpets steam cleaned by a professional team at least once a year, but you can prolong the cleanliness of your carpet between services by:

 Vacuuming weekly. Vacuum more or less depending on the number of people and pets in your household. If you have two kids, a spouse, and a dog, vacuum four times a week. If you’ve got four kids and three dogs, vacuum daily. It’s up to you, but keeping your carpets vacuumed can prevent stains from settling over time.

• Keeping mats near entryways where people can wipe off their shows and minimize the amount of dirt tracked through the house.

• Enforcing a “no shoe” policy, and wipe off dog paws before your pups are allowed back inside. Preventing stains is the easiest way to keep them at bay.

Keep your pets safe, your carpets clean, and your household healthy by taking proper care of your carpets. For pet-friendly, effective carpet cleaning services, contact Elite Clean today.