Your Seasonal Guide to House Washing Services

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If you’re considering hiring a house washing service to spruce up your home’s exterior, you might wonder if there’s a particular time that’s best for scheduling this service. Spring and fall tend to be very popular, but there are excellent reasons to schedule house washing at any point during the year.

Your Seasonal Guide to House Washing Services

Spotless Spring

As we mentioned above, spring tends to be a very popular time for house washing. The mild weather makes the outdoor conditions ideal for pressure or soft washing, and many people like to use the opportunity to rinse away the salt, dirt, and other grime that’s left behind after winter.

Summer Shine

Although higher temperatures and humidity levels accompany summer, it’s also the time of year that people tend to spend the most time out of doors. A house washing service ensures that your home is the picture-perfect place to host BBQs and pool parties, and it’s also a great way to get rid of pesky pollen and insect nests that may have settled onto your exterior after spring.

Fresh Fall

Thanks to the decline in temperatures and humidity, fall is the second most popular time of year for house washing. It’s a great way to hit the refresh button on your home’s exterior before winter settles in, as well as deal with tree sap and leaves that may have built up.

Worthwhile Winter

Winter is probably the least popular time for house washing, but scheduling your service during the chilliest season of the year has a few distinct advantages. North Carolina enjoys relatively mild winters, so there’s little chance of the water and cleansers freezing and being ineffective. It’s a good way to help protect your home from road salt and dirt, as well as take care of any lingering grime from the warmer seasons.

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