10 Tips for Keeping a Clean House When You Have Young Kids

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Wake up before the kids.

Need some tips for keeping a clean house with children? We’ve got you covered! Whether it’s 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour before the kids are up and at it, make some time for yourself in the morning to do whatever is going to help you start your day off on the right foot. Part of keeping a clean, healthy home is taking care of yourself. Here are a few ideas to start off your morning:

  • Take advantage of the peace and quiet to make a list of what you’d like to accomplish for the day.
  • Cook a hot breakfast (or at least enjoy a cup of coffee).
  • Meal prep for the rest of the day so lunch and dinner won’t be a hassle.

Make a cleaning schedule.

Assigning a couple of smaller tasks to each day of the week prevents clutter build-up and keeps your deep cleaning projects from being quite so daunting. Now, life happens and you obviously don’t have to follow your schedule to the T every single day, but sticking to a loose schedule protects your time and energy from getting derailed by cleaning tasks. Try:

  • Setting reminders.
  • Writing it on a family message board.
  • Blocking 30 minutes to an hour a day specifically for knocking out a few cleaning tasks.

Take 30 minutes to declutter every day.

Whether this is after playtime, first thing in the morning, or right after dinner, reserving a few minutes each day to put everything in its proper place will keep the clutter from building up and becoming overwhelming.

Put it up before you clean it up.

When it’s time to vacuum, dust, and clean your home, make sure toys, laundry, shoes, and other clutter is all put away before you start. Vacuuming and dusting go a lot faster when you don’t have to stop to put books back on the shelf or put the kids’ toys and clothes back in their rooms.

Start a (simple) chore chart for the kids.

Getting your children involved can:

  • Help you keep your home tidier more easily.
  • Teach your kids to take care of their own belongings.
  • Help your kids develop cleaner habits.

Now, obviously, a toddler can’t load the dishwasher and fold everyone’s laundry, but he or she could:

  • Learn to return toys to their rightful place before moving on to another activity.
  • Sort their laundry in a hamper.
  • Help set the table.

Embrace cubbies, hampers, and baskets.

Organized storage is a powerful weapon. From colored cubbies for toys to hampers with labels to help your kiddos pre-sort the laundry, smart storage makes tasks like clutter pick up and laundry day a breeze.

Make sure everything has a place.

If something doesn’t have a specific place in your home, you probably don’t need it. Knicknacks, old toys, and junk mail shouldn’t gather up over time. If it’s not useful to your household, toss it in the trash, not the infamous “junk drawer.”

Remember, it’s your home. Not a showroom.

Yes, keeping your house clean is vital for your family’s health and wellness, but a stray jacket, open book, or unfolded blanket here and there are just reminders that you and your family are living in this space. Tidiness is great, but learning to let go when you find a stray toy under the couch or a sock in the dishwasher will save you a ton of stress in the long run.

What are some of your favorite tips for keeping a clean house with kids running around? For more tips on cleaning up without stressing out, see: 10 Easy Tips for Keeping Your House Clean.